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Kindergarden Class of Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School
United States
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Hello World,

We were happy to participate in the parachute activity.  We work as a whole class to recycle properly, and limit/properly use the resources we are privileged to have at school.  We recently planted sunflower seeds as a learning about gardening and life cycles project. In Science we have learned about trees and worms. We draw and learn in our school garden.

We loved having our photos taken on the lawn of our school by a drone.

Sincerely, Mrs. Lynn Bridge’s Kindergarteners

My students had an absolute blast participating in parachutes for the planet! We compost all our food waste at our school and we are a green school so this was an excellent way to highlight. and talk about the ways that our students are working to take care of the earth every day. We have been collecting cans to plant flowers in for Mother’s day instead of buying plastic or cardboard pots in an effort to recycle and use more sustainable materials. We chose to participate to have another way to highlight how important it is to take care of the earth with our young learners.

-Erica Dunn, kindergarten teacher

We loved participating in parachutes for the planet! We are a green school, so this was a great way to talk about how we use plastic and how we can help. The kids were amazed by the finished project, they have loved sharing what they know with their families. What a fabulous engaging project to bring awareness to our community. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it!

-Tracy Reed, kindergarten teacher

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