Mother Earth Project Collaboration

In order to raise awareness of climate change and environmental issues at a grassroots level, the Mother Earth Project, MEP, is reaching out to academic institutions and organizations. Presently, MEP is collaborating with schools with over 80,000 students around the world.



MEP co-founders Ari and Barton Rubenstein give a presentation to a middle school.

The Mother Earth Project Collaboration  is about discussing environment/sustainability issues with students in the classroom and then letting them consider how to express their ideas within the medium that they are working with in their art classes or task-based projects. In summary, this collaboration basically provides an opportunity for students to bring ideas of sustainability to the front of their minds, creating a greater collective awareness.

Suggestions for artistic and task-based projects may include:

Artistic Projects:
Students create artwork in any media that would reflect their beliefs and ideas about the changing environment. Different types of media may include:

    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Graphic arts
    • Sculpture
    •  Performance art
    • Music
    • Drama
    • Design
    • Illustration
    • Comics
    • Ceramics
    • Architecture
    • Collage
    • Photography
    • Video
    • Mixed media, etc…

Artwork may be exhibited at the school or institution. It would display a diversity of topics, media, and viewpoints and may be posted on the school or institution’s website.

An Instagram Account, @MotherEarth(YourInstitution), may be created to post images and stories of the artwork or they can be posted on @HumansofMotherEarth. Also, having a presence on the School Gallery page will allow for worldwide exposure and opportunities to connect with other schools and organizations.


Task-Based Projects:

Students may initiate a club or activity to promote awareness of environment issues and promote sustainability actions at their institution. Suggestions for sustainability actions may include:

    • Planting trees and plants (creates more oxygen, shade, less water runoff)
    • Water Fountains to accommodate bottles (reduce plastic consumption)
    • Trash pickup activities (cleaning neighborhoods, parks, and street trash)
    • Hardscape Management Plan (using permeable surfaces to reduce runoff)
    • Alternative Commuting Transportation (carpooling)
    • Green Roof (reducing heat of buildings and water runoff)
    • Electricity, using renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydropower)
    • Sustainable purchasing policy (boxed water, recyclable food containers, etc…)
    • Waste Management (compost, recycling, recycling trashcans)
    • Lighting (low energy, LED, occupant-controlled lights)
    • Cleaning (materials and equipment with low environmental impact)
    • Fundraisers for environmental organizations
    • Less paper (use computers/internet instead of paper handouts), etc…
    • Field trip to visit the Mother Earth sculpture in their country’s major city


The mission of this project is to engage different communities around the world and raise awareness of climate change issues. MEP is focused not only at the personal and community levels, but with a groundswell of creative and committed support, it strives to affect change ultimately at a global level.


Organizations Committed to Sustainability

The Mother Earth Project celebrates and acknowledges organizations and companies around the world, sharing their stories of sustainability and focus on spreading the word. These stories are shared on @HumansOfMotherEarth.


Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, DC
Beyond Meat, Los Angeles, California
Buckingham Friends School, Lahaska, Pennsylvania
Carpet Cycle, Newark, NJ Web Services, New York
Corner Slice Pizza, Bethesda, Maryland
Cotopaxi Volcano National Park, Ecuador
Earth Skin & Eden, Queensland, Australia
Ecoventura Tours, Galapagos, Ecuador
Green Initiative, Thailand
Hans Santos Reich, PLLC, Patent Law Firm, Seattle, Washington
Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC
Ken Brown Strategic Consulting, Washington, DC
Lawrence Cafritz Builders, Bethesda, MD
Marquette University Dental School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland
Natural Border Shirt Company, Richmond, Virginia
Newtown Friends School, Newtown, Pennsylvania
Orthopedic Center, Rockville, Maryland
Potomac Metals, Arcola, Virginia
Rethink Boxed Water, Ellicott City, Maryland
Sikizana Rescue Center, Kenya
Skyler Hotel, Syracuse, New York
The Field School, Washington, DC
Town Council of Panadura, Sri Lanka
Town of Somerset, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Tree Era Company, Calgary, Canada
Ultimate Peace, Israel
US Open, Flushing Meadows, New York
Velvety Fashion Shop, Melbourne, Australia
VirtueBrush, Dublin Ireland
ViviendasLeon, Nicaragua
Wholesale Solar, Mt. Shasta, California


 Contact Us to Participate

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