To raise awareness of

people living sustainable lives and affected by climate change,

Mother Earth Project is encouraging individuals and communities around the world to create



MEP is presently collecting parachutes and displaying them at large venues. The hope is by sharing stories of sustainability and environmental devastation, we will encourage individuals, schools, organizations, and countries to be collective and active participants in the Mother Earth Project.

“We have arrived at the moment where we must choose whether our generation will be remembered for ruining the planet or one that saved it.”
– Barton Rubenstein, MEP co-founder

Why Parachutes?

Saving the environment is an act of bringing the world back to a safe place and parachutes act as a metaphor for this process. Parachutes are like a safety net and when held by groups during demonstrations or collectively displayed in large numbers they can become a powerful message of strength, hope and communal determination.


In the 1990s, HIV AIDS Quilts were placed at the National Mall in Washington, DC, to bring attention to a disease that was previously under the radar. The result of this exhibition was dramatic. It not only brought heightened awareness of the tragedy of AIDS to individuals and communities around the world, but it spurred the beginning of federal funding and other types of support to fight this deadly disease. With the use of art, photographs and text, Mother Earth Project hopes to accomplish similar goals for saving the environment.

How to Make Your Parachute:

If you are an individual or organization of any kind and would like to create a “Parachute For The Planet” please read the following instructions:

  1. Buy a Parachute: MEP recommends buying a white parachute, with a diameter of 12′ (4 meter), 16′ (5 meter), or 24′ (7 meter). Go to these links to choose: Amazon4m, Amazon5m, Amazon7m. If you need financial assistance please contact MEP.
  2. Design: MEP encourages you to work as a team and share ideas. The design is completely up to you. MEP suggests that you portray artwork on the parachute of activities that you are doing to save the environment and/or how your local environment is in danger. This may include photos, drawings and text. Please also include text along the edge of the parachute indicating your name and location, using bold letters at least 4″ high. (Example: “Somerset Elementary School, Chevy Chase, Maryland”). Lastly, please leave a 12-inch circular empty space along the edge of your parachute for a MEP logo to be sewn on at a later date.
  3. Creating the Work: Use permanent markers, spray paint, or thin paint if possible. If you desire to add photos or artwork, MEP recommends that you have them printed on fabric and then sewn onto the parachute. All materials sewn on the parachute must be as thin as possible and completely foldable. Glue is not recommended. Remember, the parachute will need to be rolled up and stored in a bag.
  4. Display the Parachute Locally: MEP encourages you to display the parachute in your community to raise awareness of sustainability and the need to save the environment. Feel free to display it at your school, company, city hall, neighborhood block party, swimming pool, etc…
  5. Send the Parachute to MEP: After you have displayed it locally, please send it in a cardboard box with your contact information to the Mother Earth Project Headquarters: MEP, 4819 Dorset Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815, USA. Photos from your local event can be emailed to MEP will send you an email confirmation of having received your parachute.
  6. Staying Connected: MEP will add you to our email list and inform you of upcoming “Parachutes For The Planet” exhibition events.
  7. Encourage Others: Please share this project with other individuals and organizations and encourage them to create a “Parachute For The Planet!”