MEP has created inflatable booths that are designed to raise awareness of climate issues and promote environment-saving activities.

The idea is to give each recipient country of the Mother Earth sculpture a MEP Inflatable Booth to be installed next to the sculpture on World Environment Day, June 5 of each year. This booth will be a part of the day’s festivities and will allow visitors to learn more about the Mother Earth Project and feel a solidarity with other countries doing the same around the world.

MEP Inflatable Booth and Mother Earth Sculpture at Rubenstein Studios

Visitors are asked to share their stories of sustainability, which will be added to the MEP Instagram account,  @HumansOfMotherEarth. They can also enter the booth and see a video projection of other Instagram posts from around the world. Scanning the QR Code image on the front of the booth will allow access to the MEP Country Achievements, highlighting the major environment-saving accomplishments of each country.

The MEP Booth measures 4.25m high x 5m wide x 3m deep and uses a low-energy blower to inflate the booth.

mep-booth-rs-back_950Back View

Video of the MEP Booth at Rubenstein Studios

MEP Inflatable Booth at American University

MEP Booth at Boya Academy, Guilin, China with Mother Earth in Background

Hebrew Inflatable Heading to Israel

French Inflatable Heading to Cameroon